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ZHEJIANG LIDA ZIPPER CO., LTD is a large-scale modernized enterprise which is specialized and engaged in development, production and selling of kinds of zipper, it established in 1999 and locates in YIWU BEIYUAN industry area in ZHEJIANG Province in China. Our company covers 100 acre, whole construction area of 100,000 square meter, and more 1000 employee. We bring in 1000 sets of international advanced auto zipper production equipment, and supply with relevant service for brand garment, luggage, tent, commodity and etc. From 1999 to now we always persistently abided by the developing way of “high quality, creating famous brand” and inaugurated a difference developing way.
Lida zipper is famous because of canonical management. Unitive thought and canonical behavior is Lida’s management conception.We successively used the ISO9000 quality series certification, ISO14000 environment series certification, 5S management and etc advanced management method. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 international textile ecology certification. Lida zipper have been grow mature and representative by continual improving and consummate. From the establishment, Lida zipper engaged advanced 。technical management mavin of Japan YKK zipper company and there were 100 more various technical and management mavin. The customer and craft brother praise the advanced international technical standard and steady credibility quality.
Lida zipper very pay attention to technical innovation. Lida zipper be awarded YiWu Science-Technology Enterprise and YiWu Patent Demonstration Enterprise because of lead technology based on development of nylon mutual-assembled zipper, shoe zipper, high strength invisible zipper, 25 Pieces of China national zipper patents and OEKO Tex Standard100 international textile ecology certificate.
Lida’s zipper be exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Mid-east and be vended China market, Hong Kong area because of the high quality production and individuation service of credit and Lida zipper’s tenet is not only our customer satisfied in our production, but also our customer satisfied with our service and based on standing development market, best production seizure market.
The brand tactic of Lida zipper is many successful results also. Lida zipper was awarded as “CHINA TEN TOP FAMOUS BARAND ZIPPER”, “NATIOANAL INSPECTION EXEMPTION PRODUCT” “ZHEJIANG FAMOUS BRAND PRODUCT”, “ZHEJIANG FAMOUS TRADE MARK”, Lida zipper is one of zipper company that there is the top and most honor. 
Lida zipper thinks the staff is the supreme riches of company. We found learning model corporation and let studying as staff’s the most encouragement when we improve salary and treatment. We improve the ability of the management staff and bring up many best staffs. In order to improve the living out of working, we have entertainment per month. The staffs perceive the warmth family in Lida.
Lida zipper always persistently abided by the developing way of “high quality, creating famous brand”, based on the corporation idea of “honesty, practice, efficiency, innovation”, adhere to the corporation faith of “no other than the first without the second”, develop the working style of “carefulness, quickly, remain promises”, always innovating, pursue excellence, escalade the top place, exceed the technical level in the world, lida zipper will be a pronoun of the zipper.


● ENTERPRISE HORNOUR:YiWu Science-Technology Enterprise, YiWu Patent Demonstration Enterprise. YiWu 100 Strongest Enterprise, YiWu Most Competitive Enterprise.

● CERTIFICATED BY THIRD PARTY:ISO9000:2000 QUALITY SERIES CERTIFICATE;OEKO Tex Standard100 international textile ecology certificate.

● PATENT:25 Pieces of China national zipper patents.


● HIGH QUALITY:LDD zipper and other kinds of clothes accessories choose material and produce carefully,and get through the strict examination. The standard of kinds of functions is higher than China national standard, and our company gets OEKO Tex Standard100 international textile ecology certificate.

● FASHION:Let the product become high-quality goods, more artistic, more craft, more personable is the LDD continual pursue. In LDD zipper family, has hundreds of thousands of zippers which are popular with fashion people, they are special designed, beautiful manufactory and kinds of luminescent spots.

● INDIVIDUATION SERVICE:Because of our strong ability of technology, we can produce special kinds of clothes accessories as clients’ require , keep clients’ product personality ,and finish their order in one week.

● FAST DELIVER TIME:our company has large-scaled size, it uses advanced equipment with high automatic level, it can deliver goods on time.

● EXPORT EXPERIENNCE:our company has six-year exporting experience,we take Europe and America as main export country, and the export volume is 50% of the whole production.

The location of our factory and exhibition hall

● Our company locates at No 768,xuefeng west road, YiWu , China, which is near civilian airport and the exit of hang-qu highway, it is very convenient.

● YiWu is the largest commodity center in china even in Asia. The traffic such as airport, railway, highway and so on is very developed.

so YiWu has a huge material flowing network to send commodities to the world .

● Exhibition hall of LIDA zipper locates in No 28888, fourth floor,


H area, YIWU INTERNATIONAL TRADE CITY, it is in the entrance of cars.


LDD company has more than 20 suppliers and match enterprises, they are all get through series chosen and management, with full quality management series and stable product quality, which can supply good quality material and accessories for LDD zipper.


● LDD zipper has more than 20 lines of auto and semi-auto zipper production line, we bring in the equipment from Taiwan, some percent of equipment is made by ourselves with the advanced level in China.

● Our company has the complete set of zipper test facility, all raw materials entering the factory and finished product leaving the plant all pass through the strict examination and test.

● Our company has 25 pieces of zipper patents, its own special technology of production makes LDD zipper different from others.

New production exploring

● Developing procedure of new production :market research(or according to clients’ require)→make new plans of new production exploration.→project implementation -> technology evaluation -> small quantity production -> volume production

● Our company establish technical exploration center, it is engaged in exploring products and technology.

● Our company can produce some new special zipper items according to the clients’ require.


Quality management

● Main responsibility of quality manage department: keep the ISO9001quality series on running;raw material of accessories and other products bought are tested before sending into warehouse; finished zippers must be tested before being delivery;Process quality monitoring management; making quality plan and product standard, standard examination and the responsibility of operation.

● Production department is to make plans of production craft and operation procedure, and manage the procedure quality.

● Customer service center is responsible to receive and manage client’s complaint.

● Quality management procedure:making product standard as clients’ require→(in need)make quality plans or plans of production exploring→raw accessories material examination before sending into warehouse→procedure examination→final production examination→production deliver.

Post-sale service

● customer service center is responsible to give post-sale service, and to manage the complain of customers.

● the service center must give the reflection to customer during 24 hours, and try their best to dissolve the trouble.

● the main rule of post-sale service is to satisfy customer


Company address::No 768, xuefeng west road, YiWu city, Zhengjiang, China

Zip code :322000

Telephone: 0086-579-85663888、85663101 FAX:0579-85663777

Website:htpp://www.lddzipper.com www.globalsources.com/ldd.co


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ZHEJIANG LIDA ZIPPER CO., LTD Add:No. 768,Xuefeng West Road,,Yiwu,Zhejiang
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